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Dried & Everlasting

Dried & Everlasting

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The Lupin Botanical Dried & Everlasting arrangement is a one-of-a-kind botanical design with a wild, textural, and contemporary feel. Lasting for many months and possibly years if mindfully cared for, it is the gift that keeps on giving! Using naturally dried and curated botanical ingredients and presented in our signature style, you can select either a vase arrangement or a wrapped bouquet to suit your occasion.


Large size pictured. Stem count, botanical ingredients and packaging may vary from images. Pictured images are an indication of what you
can expect for your order, however seasonal variation is a given. Container measures approx. 13-20cm tall. Order by 5pm for next day delivery; delivery is calculated at checkout.

Design note: We never use Floral Foam products as these are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. Your fresh flowers will be
presented in a vase with a chicken wire base, styled directly into a vase with no base mechanic, in a wrapped bouquet with the stems out, or wrapped with stems ‘wet packed’ as per your selection.

Delivery Information

Lupin Botanical is a studio florist whose products are expertly and carefully delivered with your convenience in mind. Our delivery schedule has options available from Tuesday to Saturday, and we aim to deliver between 9am to 6pm. Shipping is available throughout most of the South-eastern Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula Suburbs and to Southbank by request. Orders must be
placed by 5pm for delivery the following day, or pre order at any time for a longer delivery window.

We endeavour to send you a photograph of your flower order for your reference – please provide a suitable contact mobile number in the checkout to facilitate this.

If you would like more information, please get in touch.

Flower Care

Dried flowers have a vase life of between 8 months and beyond. It is difficult to say how long dried flowers will last, as that decision is often up to the recipient. Dried flowers will not ‘die’ as their fresh life cycle has ended, however over time, may become slightly faded, brittle or dusty. Follow care tips to get the most from your dried flowers.

To prolong the life of your dried flowers, follow these flower care tips:

  • Keep flowers out of direct, harsh sun from a window, for example. Strong sun will both fade and make brittle your dried botanicals.
  • Place flowers in a position where they will not be touched or disturbed. Dried botanicals by their nature can be brittle or slightly fragile, having them out of range will prolong their display life.
  • Never add water to a dried flower arrangement. Dried flowers are successful because of their absence of moisture, allowing a type of natural preservation to occur. Added water may encourage bacteria and mould to form and will add nothing to the care of the flowers.
  • Dried flowers kept outside (as in a wreath on an outside door), will fade and become brittle more quickly than dried flowers kept indoors, due to the weather, sunlight and exposed conditions. Flowers kept outside can expect a shorter lifespan.
  • Over time, dust may settle on dried arrangements. You can use a device like a hairdryer on the gentlest setting to blow dust away or occasionally place your arrangement outside and undercover for an hour or two to create airflow.

See The Practical Guide to Flower Care blog post for further information

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